Grayton Winds

ISBN-13: 9780979467028
Published: Sept, 15, 2011
Publisher: Sage River Press
Publisher: 382

In this classic historical fiction love story and family saga, Mathew Coulter seeks refuge in a remote Florida beach town to escape his ruthless family who control the liquor trade in 1920′s Atlanta. He meets a ten year-old blind girl, Melanee Dalton, who will lead him on a journey that may be the final salvation for her wayward mother, and Mathew’s own haunted soul.

In Grayton Winds, when a woman from his past makes a surprising return during his 85th birthday party in the idyllic village of Grayton Beach, Florida, Mathew Coulter reflects back on his early years, the heartbreak of lost loves, bitter memories of family betrayal, and a blind and gifted young girl who will change the course of his life forever.






On Past Horton Creek

ISBN-13: 9780979467011
Published: January, 1, 2008
Publisher: Sage River Press
Publisher: 315

In this sequel to the classic story of “The Seasons of the EmmaLee”, Michael Lindley revisits the idyllic resort community of Charlevoix, Michigan. “On Past Horton Creek” continues the saga of the McKendry’s, the Compton’s and George Hansen, now in the 1950′s, as well as the love affair of Alex Clark and Sally Thomason and the magnificent cruising yacht, the EmmaLee, in present day. “On Past Horton Creek” is the tale of two parallel stories, bridging time and a vast cultural divide. In the early 1950′s, a scandalous assault late one night in the dunes along the beach sets off a series of events that pits lawyer George Hansen, defending a local Native American boy, against the elite summer residents of Charlevoix. At the same time, Jonathan McKendry, now married to physician Emily Compton McKendry, finds himself desperately struggling to save his wife and a young family from a wretched and murderous father. In the modern day story, George Hansen looks down from his passing into the next world to see the events that develop in the search for his killer, as well as the challenges faced by the Clark family as Alex Clark tries to save his business empire and his marriage; and daughter Megan lets her infatuation for a young local boy alienate the summer families that she thought were her friends. Connor Harris also returns to create new problems with plans to develop an unpopular and ecologically unfriendly real estate development on the lake.








The Seasons of the Emmalee

ISBN-13: 9780979467004
Published: May, 5, 2011
Publisher: Sage River Press
Publisher: 308

Emily Compton, a young woman from a privileged summer family, finds herself in a tragic relationship with a young local boy, Jonathan McKendry. Their story is one of unexpected love, betrayal, murder, and redemption, bringing their two cultures crashing together while creating an even greater divide.





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